Friday 13th

So yesterday was a disaster. I had all of 3 beers and had to cut my session short due to illness. I have a suspicion that I had a bad pint. It was Friday 13th and I checked in my 666 distinct beer on untappd. Coincidence??? I will just have to try again next Friday as I’m on nights again. Stay tuned…

Early start

So I strolled in this morning after my last nightshift and quickly hit the pillow. After a few hours sleep and the usual shit and shower (no shave it’s the weekend!) I headed for town. I entered my local ‘spoons and could tell straight off it was busy (bloody students!). For some reason instead of standing at the bar the punters decided to form a queue that resembled a snake through all the tables where people were sitting (bloody students!) Finally I got myself a pint, I opted for GOLDEN ROAD CALIFORNIA BREAKFAST ALE. This sadly disappointed, the flavours were great but it was far too watery.Screenshot_2015-03-13-13-47-00

Wetherspoon beer festival

Tomorrow marks the start of the Wetherspoon beer festival where brewers from around the world brew ales exclusively for Wetherspoon using English ingredients. I am looking forward to this and I’m fortunate enough to be off tomorrow as I’ve been working nightshift (I’ll get a bit of sleep first!). In Durham there’s 2 Wetherspoon pubs so I’ll be popping into both! At the moment I’m a bit of a lone ranger as I moved to Durham from South Shields. The main reason my bottle share hasn’t kicked off. Then again I don’t know a great deal of people that like ales and craft beer so would’ve been in same situation. Anyway I’ll post a few words tomorrow about the ales I sample.


Today has been productive

I finally became a CAMRA member, after 2 years of saying I would! I am looking forward to doing an ale trail in the coming months, so just give me a shout if you have one planned. I also ordered a Spring Beer Selection off Ales By Mail. This should be with me by Friday and in the recycling bin by Saturday! I hope to also have some news on the Bottle Share project tomorrow. This event will hopefully kick off in May. Keep your eyes peeled for further news.

Hi all,
Just a quick few words regarding this blog and what I aim to achieve. I enjoy beer, good beer! I have an aim to one day open a specialty beer merchants (this is a long way off). But firstly I would like to set up a session bottle share group. This would be based in the Durham area. If you are interested feel free to contact me via here or Twitter @ben_younger

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